About Strike Force Kitty 3

Strike Force Kitty 3 is a really awesome game. If you played the previous versions of the game and enjoyed them, I am sure you will love this one too. In the recent edition of the game developers changed a lot of things. For example, now your mission is to protect your castle from the crowds of intruders. You have a squad of brave kitties, who have to fight against the enemies and level-up their skills. At the beginning of the game, your characters dont have any clother or weapons. You have to steal clocthes from your enemies by killing them and then wear your cats.

There are several different types of kittens in this game. The most popular kitties are fighters. You must use them to attack on your enemie forces and destroy them. You will also notice a kitty standing on the top of the castle and throwing different objects into enemies. AS you progress, you can get a clothes for his and make him use bow and arrows to secure the castle. You will also notice the doctor kitties. They will help you during the battle by curing your fighters, but this may take some time. If you level-up them, the whole process will go faster. I am sure that you will enjoy the original edition of the Strike Force Kitty 3 game right now. Don't forget to share your thoughts about the game below, through the comment form. Enjoy


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